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NINO - my second obsession


okie, just 2 confirm, no one can ever, EVER, replace sho's number 1 place in my heart (grap, my future bf/husband would not be pleased at all reading this). but nino definitely gets the second spot.

i luv luv him for many many reasons:

firstly, he's good looking in a cute way (when it comes to being handsome, sho all the way, but nino look appeals me in some way).

and god, he seems to hv the ability 2 escape the effect of time. why on earth can s.one be in eternal youth like that? (i mean, sho grows more mature compared to when he's 18, but nino stays pretty much the same, or, at least to me)

then, i luv luv luv his mean comments in vsa. they just crack me up. he's mean. and i like it whenever he's being mean and say things like "sorri, u r not needed here, could u plz come home". i also luv it when he's like totally suspicious of sho's talent (which, i hv 2 say, he's got a point). 

thirdly, he's an amazing actor.
no doubt nino is the best actor in arashi. and he's ready to sacrifice a hell lot for his acting. not that many idols r willing to shave their hair for a tv special role (when he plays the cancer pt). and he plays the cerebral palsy role so convincingly

and i luv luv luv Ryusei no Kizuna.
the drama totally deserves the ratings of >20%. enjoy every moment of it.

nino acting was superb here. he gets into his role so naturally. he gets across a character who keeps being tormented because of the past and voluntarily refused to be happi and to enjoy life. i totally sympathize with him though.

i luv the confrontation at the end the most. tears just keep rolling in my face. the ending was just so beautiful. one of my most favorite.

 oh yeah, i also luv ohmiya. their interaction was unique

and god, how on earth did i forget this? his singing is second best in arashi (1st place ohno no doubt)
. niji moved me deeply. such a beautiful song sung by an irresistible voice. nino was at his best at that time.

Ichiban - Sakurai Sho


okie, let's make things clear, im a massive Arashi fan."Like" isn't near enough 2 describe this, considering how my laptop is full of Arashi files and I'm struggling 2 decide which file to keep and which to delete when I hit the limit of storage.

And in 5 Arashi members, my ichiban is definitely this guy:

To me Sho definitely has the best look in Arashi (emphasizing TO ME, so that I wont be hunted down by nino, ohno, aiba and jun fans later) and god, just look at the picture and u'll see what i mean.

And he has absolutely gorgeous body. i bet that he must be working very hard for it. whenever i look at his topless pictures and abdomen muscles, im just about 2 faint.

but what i luv luv the most about him is that hes highly educated. i watch sho in shounen club premium. not that many people can graduate from uni and fulfill arashi job at the same time. how much will power do u need?

and yeah, and i luv how in the beginning of vsa (when they r all losing) he was competing for the hosting job with some guy, as everyone "eh -- eh -- eh" when he volunteers playing. it just cracks me up

sho personality is just so unique, and im addicted to him for that

what more, i totally went for his rapping. he's just so hot when he raps. and he does look like he enjoys himself a great deal then
.my most favorite sho rap? Sakurai Sake all the way!!! his rap simply brilliant there.

Favorite sho's drama: The Quiz show - i've seen this drama a couple of months ago. absolutely luv it. im not being biased or anything, but i trust sho plays his role incredibly well here, especially when considering he's not a "professional" actor at all (i know he plays in drama b4, but his main job is still a singer + dancer). and can i mention that i luv luv luv his dance?

Sho's English: I've heard many times that Sho can speak English fluently, but the only time I've seen him speak English is when he was on a show playing with a robot. He asked "Where's your dad, Ken?". His English was not perfect there, but to me, every single thing coming out of his mouth was hot (fan girl mode). According to mina-san, he improves. Guess I have to go and search for his new English speaking.

Current arashi song: im currently addicted to Troublemaker, but my favorite song changes everyday. just that they r all arashi songs.

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